Truffle Hill Truffle Hunting Experience

An Experience To Treasure

The Gourmet Box Australia team is thrilled to come to Truffle Hill in Manjimup, Western Australia to experience this magical truffle hunting journey with truffle hunter expert alongside with their adorable truffle hunting dog friend to search for the precious Périgord black truffles and learn about the intriguing world of truffles.

Truffle Hill was the first truffière to be established in Manjimup, Western Australia back in 1997 and it has become one of the largest producers of black Périgord truffle in the world. Truffle Hill is also one of the few truffières in the world that allows a select number of people to participate in a truffle hunt in the winter months. The Western Australian black truffle season only lasts for three months from June to August during winter, but you can now enjoy these beautiful black truffles from the truffle gourmet products range created by Truffle Hill all year round.

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