The Gourmet Box AU Hazelnut Gianduja Filled Dark Chocolate Mini Bar

Cheeky Cacao Hazelnut Gianduja

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Who is a fan of hazelnut chocolate? This is an Italian version of Nutella, 'Gianduja' pronounced “john-doo-ya” and no nasties!  Handmade, organic dark chocolate combined with house-made hazelnut paste, made by gently roasting organic hazelnuts, lovingly skinning and picking through them by hand, discarding any spoiled or over roasted nuts and then grinding them in a stone grinder for 3 - 6 hours until silky smooth and delicious. Encased inside thin layers of organic dark chocolate.

Decadent gourmet filling sandwiched inside a 70% dark chocolate bar. 

Gluten free, vegan and paleo friendly.

Size: 38g (mini)